Google Cloud integration

Snyk integrations with your Google Cloud Projects to find issues in your cloud configurations and generate cloud context to help you prioritize your vulnerabilities.

You can onboard a Google Cloud account to Snyk using the following methods:

Prerequisites for Google Cloud integration

To add a Google Cloud integration, you need the following:

  • A Snyk Enterprise plan

  • A new Snyk Organization, with appropriate feature flags assigned by your Snyk contact

  • A Snyk Group Administrator or Organization Administrator role

  • Access to a Google Cloud project and associated credentials with permissions to create a read-only Google service account

  • Access to the Terraform CLI, configured with your Google credentials, to create the Google service account for Snyk

  • API only: An Organization-level service account with an Org Admin role to use the Snyk API

  • API only: An API client such as curl, HTTPie, or Postman

  • API only (optional): jq, to unescape JSON containing the service account Terraform template

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