Adding custom accept.json for Helm installation

To add a custom accept.json file, include it in values.yaml.

See the example accept.json files in the client templates on the Snyk Broker Helm repository.

Structure the values.yaml file like this:

scmType: github-com
acceptJson: |-
    "public": [
        "//": "used for pushing up webhooks from github",
        "method": "POST",
        "path": "/webhook/github",
        "valid": [
            "//": "accept all pull request state changes (these don't have files in them)",
            "path": "pull_request.state",
            "value": "open"
            "path": "commits.*.added.*",
            "value": "package.json"

You can then install:

helm install snyk-broker-gitub-com snyk-broker/snyk-broker -f values.yaml -n snyk-broker --create-namespace

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