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How to use Snyk Broker

Snyk Broker is an open-source tool that acts as a proxy between Snyk and special integrations, providing for access by to scan code in repositories that are not internet-reachable and return results to you. SCM integrations with Broker support Snyk Open Source, Snyk Code, Snyk Container (Dockerfile), and Snyk IaC. For details, see Integrations with Snyk Broker.

For comprehensive information about Snyk Broker, including how it works, how to deploy it, commit signing, upgrading, and troubleshooting, see the full Snyk Broker user documentation.

Deployment options

Alternatively, you can use the binaries available for each Github Release.

Additional information for developers

If you need to upgrade, see Upgrade the Snyk Broker Client.

Troubleshooting information is provided on the Troubleshooting Broker page.

You can view the license, Apache License, Version 2.0.

To submit pull requests, see Contributing.

See Security for specific information about Broker.

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