Azure integration for cloud configurations

Snyk integrates with your Microsoft Azure subscription to find issues in your cloud configurations and generate cloud context to help you prioritize your vulnerabilities.

You can onboard an Azure subscription to Snyk using the following methods:

Prerequisites for Azure integration for cloud configurations

To add an Azure integration for cloud configurations, you need the following:

  • A Snyk Business or Enterprise plan

  • A new Snyk Organization with appropriate feature flags assigned by your Snyk contact

  • A Snyk Group Administrator or Organization Administrator role

  • Access to a Microsoft Azure subscription and associated credentials with permissions to create the following resources:

  • Access to the Terraform CLI or Azure CLI (locally or via the Cloud Shell) to create the above resources via Terraform or Bash script If you are using Terraform or the Azure CLI locally, ensure you configure it with your Azure credentials. See the instructions for Terraform or the Azure CLI.

  • API only: An Organization-level service account with an Org Admin role to use the Snyk API

  • API only: An API client such as curl, HTTPie, or Postman

  • API only, optional: jq, to unescape JSON containing the Terraform template or Bash script

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