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Developers everywhere use open-source code because it enables fast development. The vast majority of the code making up modern applications is open-source code. This growing reliance exposes organizations to security vulnerabilities and license issues.

Sometimes, these issues are rooted deep in the code. Open-source packages often reference other packages, and it is in these indirect dependencies that many vulnerabilities are found. Developers may not even realize which packages are being called.

Snyk Open Source allows you to find and fix vulnerabilities in the open-source libraries used by your applications. You can also find and address licensing issues in or caused by these open-source libraries.

Snyk Open Source is available in many common languages and platforms. See Supported languages and package managers.

Find and fix vulnerabilities

Use Snyk Open Source to find and fix vulnerabilities in the open-source libraries in your application. Snyk provides actionable fix advice for vulnerabilities and supports workflows to fix vulnerabilities using pull requests. For more information, see Automatic and manual PRs with Snyk Open Source.

Snyk Open Source also helps prioritize and report on the vulnerabilities discovered. For more information, see Manage risk.

Find and fix license issues

Snyk Open Source can also scan your Projects for license compliance, checking against licenses known to Snyk. For more information, see Open-source license compliance.

You can also use license policies to define how your company deals with license issues. For more information, see License policies.

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