Authentication for third-party tools

When you work with Snyk from within any third-party tool, Snyk requires authentication in order to initiate its processes.

Snyk offers API tokens to enable integrations with third-party developer tools. You can authenticate through your personal account using your personal token or through a service account using the token associated with that account. When you authenticate through a service account, you do not use any personal token.

For authentication purposes, the third-party identity providers do not require access to your repositories, only your email address.

Supported identity providers

You can use one of the following identity providers for authentication with Snyk::

For additional instructions, see the integrations pages for Git repositories (SCMs).

Logging in with a different provider from the one you registered with when you first created your Snyk account will create a separate new Snyk account.

How to authenticate for a third-party tool using your personal token

  1. Navigate to General Account Settings and copy your token.

  2. In the token field, click to show and then select and copy your API token.

  3. In the third-party interface, configure your integration by pasting your Snyk token when prompted.

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