Missing or differing results in Snyk Code

.gitignore and .dcignore files

  • Rename all .gitignore and .dcignore files to, for example, .dcignore.bak.

  • Rerun Snyk Code.

  • If the result is now better, check the rules in .gitignore and .dcignore files to see if they cause the ignoring of files.

  • Ignores can be analyzed in Jetbrains by enabling debug logging for the Snyk Code logger.

  • Ignores can be analyzed in the Language Server by enabling trace logging, for example, by setting the env-variable SNYK_DEBUG_LEVEL=trace.

  • Enable ignore patterns step-by-step until results are correct, and the only files that are ignored should be ignored.

  • If the .dcignore is filled with a lot of ignores and was created automatically, it should be emptied. IntelliJ before 2.4.63 added this file automatically when no .gitignore was found at the top level. It contained many rules that can interfere with repositories and source files.

Snyk Code Quality

  • The IDE plugins and Language Server report Snyk Code Quality results.

  • The CLI does not report Snyk Code Quality results.

  • This can lead to a difference in reported issues.

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