Troubleshooting and known issues with Visual Studio extension

Known issues

Could not detect supported target files

Solution: Open the Visual Studio Options to navigate to the Project Settings of the Snyk extension and check Scan all projects.

The system cannot find the file specified

Solution: This issue is related to the CLI file. Close and open Snyk extension window to start the CLI download.

The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS platform

Solution: This issue is related to the CLI file and its integrity. Remove the CLI from in %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Snyk\snyk-win.exe. Close and open the Snyk extension window to start the CLI download.

Snyk Code no supported code available

Solution: Check the .gitignore and .dcignore file rules. Check to see if there are any rules that exclude the source files of your Project.

Troubleshooting Visual Studio Extension


You can find logs in the user AppData directory:


Visual Studio versions explained

Where to find the current VS version

Go to Help → About Microsoft Visual Studio. It should open this window:

If you are communicating with Snyk Support, they need the version number highlighted at the top left in the screen image. This is the VS version.

Version numbers explained

When customers mention that they are using a VS version, they usually say something like “we’re using VS 2022” or “VS 2019”. The year indicates the major part of the version. The “real” version is as follows:









The other two parts of the version are the minor and the revision parts.

For example, your current may be VS 2022 version is 17.2.6, so the minor is 2 and the revision is 6.

How to upgrade

Go to Help → Check for Updates. A window opens, stating whether VS is up to date or whether an update is needed.

What version does Snyk support?

Snyk supports the latest version for VS 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2022, as long as the user is on the latest minor and revision version. A simple upgrade can ensure that.

If a user has a bug with the Snyk plugin (especially bugs where the plugin fails to load and there are contains errors about missing files/DLLs), or both, the bug can be resolved by upgrading VS most of the time.

Snyk Code ignores

Snyk Code allows developers to ignore files in their codebase. This is done through the use of Snyk Code ignores. However, in Visual Studio, the .snyk file cannot be used to manage Snyk Code Ignores for C# Projects. Instead, developers must use .dcignore or .gitignore files to manage Code Ignores for C# Projects in Visual Studio.

Settings storage

  • %HOME%/.config/configstore/snyk.json contains the CLI settings. The Visual Studio plugin uses the following parameters from the CLI configuration

    • API Token

    • API endpoint

  • Additional settings are stored in a config file which is located at settings.json in the extension directory. This is a path starting with %LocalAppData%\\Microsoft\\VisualStudio\\, e.g. C:\\Users\\bdoetsch\\AppData\\Local\\Microsoft\\VisualStudio\\17.0_b97950dd\\Extensions\\dnzygpqo.juy

The Snyk Plugin for Visual Studio stores settings in two locations.

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