Notification policy - Use case

You can use the Send Email and Send Slack Message actions to notify you about changes that take place on your assets.

This use case demonstrates how to set up and receive a notification every time a new class A asset does not have Snyk security coverage.

To follow this example, you need to create four filters that find:

  • Filter 1: Assets that are of type Repository.

  • Filter 2: assets that are Class A.

  • Filter 3: tags that include relevant programming languages (like Apex, ASP, C, C#, C++, CMake, Go, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, Swift, TypeScript, VisualBasic, Handlebars, Makefile, Objective-C).

  • Filter 4: Do not have Snyk Open Code or Snyk Open Source scan coverage.

After setting up the filter conditions, you need to choose the Send Slack Message action. You can generate the Slack webhook by using the Incoming WebHooks app or by creating your own Slack app.

This is how your policy should look after all filters and actions are set.

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