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The Snyk runtime sensor is available in a Closed Beta state and is applicable only to the Snyk AppRisk Pro version.

Contact your salesperson if you are interested in Snyk AppRisk Pro.

The Runtime Sensor watches your deployments on a Kubernetes cluster and sends the collected data to Snyk.


To ensure proper use of the Snyk Runtime Sensor, ensure that your environment meets the following technical prerequisites:

  • Kubernetes supported version - Use Kubernetes v.1.19 or higher.

Managed Kubernetes are not supported, for example, EKS Fargate or GKE Autopilot.

  • Privileged access - you need either root or the following Linux capabilities: BPF, PERFMON, SYS_RESOURCES, DAC_READ_SEARCH, SYS_PTRACE, NET_ADMIN

  • Cluster nodes must support BTF

  • Language support - Go, Java v8 or higher, .NET v2.0.9 of higher, Node.js v10 or higher, Python 3.6 or higher


There is a Helm chart within this repo in helm/runtime-sensor, that is hosted through GitHub pages in

Create a Kubernetes secret that contains the API token for the service account. The service account must have one of the following roles:

  • Group Admin

  • Custom Group Level Role with AppRisk edit permission enabled.

To install the Snyk runtime sensor using Helm Charts, you can follow these steps:

  1. Ensure Helm is installed

  2. Create the snyk-runtime-sensor namespace:

    kubectl create namespace snyk-runtime-sensor
  3. Create a secret with your service account token, which has the appropriate permissions under the created namespace:

    kubectl create secret generic <<YOUR_SECRET_NAME>> --from-literal=snykToken=<<YOUR_TOKEN>> -n snyk-runtime-sensor
  4. Add the Helm repo:

    helm repo add runtime-sensor
  5. If your data is hosted in a different region than the default (USA), you also need to set the snykAPIBaseURL while installing the Helm chart in the following format: api.<<REGION>>, for example

  6. Install the Helm chart:

    helm install my-runtime-sensor \
    --set secretName=<<YOUR_SECRET_NAME>> \
    --set clusterName=<<CLUSTER_NAME>> \
    --set snykGroupId=<<YOUR_GROUP_ID>> \
    --set snykAPIBaseURL=<<YOUR_REGIONS_API_URL>> \ # Optional
    -n snyk-runtime-sensor \


  • In case the is_loaded risk factor is not properly reported by the sensor, it may be caused by a non-default value of the Linux kernel perf_event_paranoid configuration. In such cases, install the helm chart with either --set securityContext.privileged=true or add SYS_ADMIN as a required Linux capability --set "securityContext.capabilities={SYS_ADMIN}".

Release versions can be found on GitHub.

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