Set up the Terraform Cloud integration for IaC

You must be an administrator of the Snyk organization to configure the Terraform Cloud integration.

Navigate to the dedicated Terraform Cloud integration settings page, under the Integrations page in the Snyk Web UI, then follow these steps to set up Terraform plan scanning:

In the Snyk Web UI, go to the Terraform Cloud integration settings page for your organization:{YOUR-SNYK-ORG}/manage/integrations/terraform-cloud to find the provided URL and HMAC Key.

Create the Snyk Run Task for Terraform Cloud

Now navigate to Terraform Cloud in the organization global settings:

  1. Go to the run tasks settings for your TFC organization:{YOUR_TFC_ORG}/settings/tasks

  2. Create a new run task for Snyk with the URL and HMAC key values. The HMAC key is mandatory for the Snyk integration to work, even though it is identified as optional on Terraform Cloud.

Associate the Run Task to your Terraform Cloud Workspace

  1. Navigate to your Terraform Cloud Workspace, enter the Settings __ menu and chose Run Tasks.

  2. The run task you created is available under Available Run Tasks; click on + to associate it.

  3. Choose the enforcement level (Advisory or Mandatory) and click Create.

Once your integration is set up, Snyk scans Terraform plans for each run triggered in your workspace.

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