Analysis results: Snyk Code

Snyk Code analysis shows Security and Quality issues in your code with every scan. The scan runs in the background and is enabled by default.

On the Problems tab of the Visual Studio Code results screen, you can see all Code issues found in your project.

Snyk Code editor window

The vulnerabilities are visible within the editor, with the detailed information available on hover.

Choose Quick Fix to open the details panel for an issue via Code Action.

You can also choose to ignore a suggestion (either a particular one or a recurring one in the current file) via Quick Fix.

Snyk Code vulnerability window

The Snyk suggestion panel on the right of the results screen shows the Snyk Code Vulnerability name, the line it was found in, a suggestion for a fix ,and an option to ignore (either in the entire file or a specific line).

Snyk also includes a feedback mechanism to report false positives so others do not see the same issue (bottom left).

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