Implement policies

All policies that you add to a project help you to better monitor your assets and automate the business context by always receiving notifications about occurring changes.

Policy functionalities

Access the main view of the Policy function to see a list of all your policies and detailed information about them:

  • Policy status - enabled or disabled.

  • Last modified - the date the policy was last modified.

  • Modified by - the name of the last user that modified the policy.

You can hover over a policy to gain access to extra details:

  • Go to flow - Opens the policy.

  • Details - Provides details on policy creation and modifications, including dates and creators.

  • Clone - Duplicates the policy.

  • Delete - Removes the policy.

Customize a policy

Click any available policies to view them in full screen and access all their functionalities.

Simulate the policy

You can run a simulation to get an overview of how the policy is working. A number is displayed above the policy, indicating the total of assets found matching the criteria you added to the policy.

Run the policy

All policies are automatically run in a maximum of 30 minutes after creation, then every 30 minutes. You can manually run a policy by clicking Run to apply the policy to your assets. Changes are applied automatically to your assets by implementing the actions you set on the policy.

You can also add an AND Send email or Send Slack notification action to be notified after the policy is successfully run.

Edit a policy

Click Edit to change the settings of your policies. You can change, add, or remove information from both the Filters and Actions fields.

You cannot revert changes to a policy to its initial state.

The Last modified and Modified by fields are updated every time you make changes to a policy.

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