TeamCity integration: install the Snyk plugin

Install or upgrade the Snyk Security plugin by following these steps. When the installation is complete, you can add a Snyk step to your projects.

Note: Before you begin, sign up for a Snyk account.

  1. Log in to your TeamCity instance to install the Snyk Security plugin. Configure the Plugins list to Periodically check for plugin updates, in order to ensure regular automatic upgrades in the background.

  2. Navigate to the JetBrains Plugins Repository, search for Snyk, and from the Get dropdown list, select the plugin for your TeamCity installation.

  3. In response to the prompt, click Install.

  4. When the installation ends, and the Administration Plugins List loads notifying you that the plugin has been uploaded, ensure the plugin is enabled.

To configure the integration, see TeamCity configuration parameters. For information on how to configure your build with a Snyk step, see Team City integration: use Snyk in your build.

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