How Snyk Container and Kubernetes JetBrains integration works

The JetBrains plugin scans your Kubernetes workload files and collects the images used. To troubleshoot whether the plugin is correctly scanning a container image, you can verify the following:

  • Whether the image definition is in the Kubernetes YAML file in the project. Make sure you have the image is specified with an image name mapped in the format imageValue:imageKey for the image yaml attribute, for example, image:nginx:1.17.1.

  • Whether the container image has been successfully built locally or pushed to a container registry or both. It is also a good practice to verify this before referring to the container image in the Kubernetes YAML file.

If you encounter an error contact support.

For each image found, perform a test with the Snyk CLI.

  • Refer to the doc for testing a container image for more information about how Snyk Container performs a test on the image.

  • While testing the image the CLI downloads the image if it is not already available locally in your Docker daemon.

  • Snyk plans to expand the scope of container scanning, so if there are more files, such as Dockerfiles or workflows that you want to be supported, submit a feature request to Snyk support.

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