TeamCity configuration parameters

Snyk settings

Severity threshold:

  • Default: low

  • Specify a threshold: low

Monitor project on build:

  • Default: ON

  • Snyk runs the snyk monitor command during the build, sending a project snapshot to the Snyk Web UI, and continuing to monitor the project for vulnerabilities even after this build.


  • Optional

  • If the manifest file is not on the root level, enter the relative path to that file.


  • Optional

  • The ID of the Snyk organization to which this project should be associated when imported to the UI.

  • Copy the Organization ID from the Snyk UI in the Settings area.

Project name:

  • Optional

  • Enter any unique name for this project to recognize it when viewing from the Snyk UI.

Additional parameters:

Snyk tool settings

Snyk API token:

  • From the Settings area in the Snyk UI, copy the Org or Personal API token or create a service account. Use the token to authenticate your Snyk account when connecting to TeamCity. :

Snyk version:

  • Default: the most recent version

  • Select the plugin version to be used in your build if you would like an older Snyk CLI version to support the plugin.

  • Snyk recommends configuring automatic upgrades and using the most recent version.

Use custom build tool path:

  • Specify which tool instance in your local environment Snyk is to use for this build.

  • Without a specified tool, Snyk auto-detects the tool and locates it in your environment based on the project type.

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