Install the Snyk extension for your Azure pipelines

To start using the Snyk task as part of your pipeline build, from the Visual Studio Marketplace, install the extension into your Azure DevOps instance for your Organization.

Prerequisites for installing Snyk extension for Azure pipelines

  • Create a Snyk account at

  • Ensure you are an owner or administrator of this account.

Step for installing the Snyk extension for Azure pipelines

  1. Access your Snyk account.

  2. Token:

    1. For free plans, go to your General Account Settings and find, copy, and save your personal API authentication token on the side.

    2. For paid plans, navigate to the Organization where you want to integrate; then go to Settings to create a new service account token. Copy and save it on the side.

  3. Access your Azure DevOps account and navigate to the Extensions -> Browse marketplace.

  4. Search for the Snyk Security Scan extension and click Get it free.

  5. Create a new Service Connection in your Project via Project Settings —> Pipelines —> Service Connections.

  6. Select the Snyk Authentication service connection:

    1. In the Snyk Authentication service connection form, enter the Snyk API Token.

    2. Click Save, ensuring the new service connection appears in your list of service connections.

If you are using the Snyk EU or AU data center, you must add another line above the -task lines as follows.

For EU: - script: snyk config set endpoint=

For AU: - script: snyk config set endpoint=

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