Install the Snyk Controller

Prerequisites for installing the Snyk Controller

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Snyk Controller is available only for Enterprise plans.

See Pricing plans.

Before you install the Snyk Controller:

  • You must have an administrator account for your Snyk Organization.

  • You must have a minimum of 50 GB of storage available in the cluster as an emptyDir.

  • You must have a minimum of the RAM requirements indicated in the code that follows to run on the cluster.

requests: cpu: "250m" memory: "400Mi"
limits: cpu: "1" memory: "2Gi"
  • Your Kubernetes cluster must have a Kubernetes linux/amd64 worker node.

  • Your Kubernetes cluster must be able to communicate with Snyk outbound over HTTPS.

  • Enable the Kubernetes Integration to get your Integration ID.

  • Create a Group or Organization service account token. For more information, see Service accounts. There are different roles that allow the integration to publish data:

    • Group Admin

    • Org Admin

    • Org custom role with the permission Publish Kubernetes Resources

  • Install Helm locally.

The Snyk-monitor Kubernetes integration is designed to be deployed into your cluster. It has not been tested on Serverless FaaS deployment options such as Fargate, Google Cloud Run, and Azure Container Instances. Deployment into serverless platforms may be unreliable and is not recommended or supported.

The Snyk Controller defaults to using the US data center. If you are using Snyk deployed in an alternative data center, you must change the upstream endpoint integrationApi URL through an environment variable for your specific deployment:

--set integrationApi=

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