Analysis results: Snyk IaC Configuration

Snyk IaC configuration analysis shows issues in your Terraform, Kubernetes, AWS CloudFormation, and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) code with every scan. Based on the Snyk CLI, the scan is fast and friendly for local development. The scan runs in the background and is enabled by default.

In the Problems tab of the Visual Studio Code results screen, you can see all Configuration issues found in your project.

Snyk IaC configuration editor window

The issues are visible within the editor, with the detailed information available on hover.

Choose Quick Fix to open the details panel for an issue via Code Action.

The details panel shows the issue name with the Description, Impact statement, Path by which the issue was introduced, and suggested Remediation.

Snyk IaC configuration issues window

The configuration issues window shows information about issues. By clicking on an issue you can learn more about it:

The following information is shown:

  • Issue description

  • Issue impact

  • Issue path

  • Remediation details

  • Links to references

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