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Snyk AppRisk is a product that enables Application Security teams to implement, manage, and scale a modern, high-performing, developer security program. The product covers use cases under Application Security Posture Management (ASPM).

The Snyk AppRisk Essentials offering is focused on enabling ASPM for Snyk products; in the coming months we will release an addition offering that supports non-Snyk AppSec products as well.

Snyk AppRisk Essentials enables:

  • Automated app asset discovery: Continually discover application assets and classify them by business context, ensuring security is in sync with development.

  • Tailored security controls: Define and manage appropriate security and compliance requirements, and verify the correct controls are in place.

  • Risk-based prioritization: Assess risk for each app based on application context and best-in-class security analysis and fix guidance to focus developer remediation efforts on issues that matter most to the business.


Snyk AppRisk Essentials includes the following features:

  • Integrations to support ingesting data from SCM tools for asset discovery, Snyk Application Security Testing products for security controls coverage, and ticketing or notification tools for policy actions. Use the Integration Hub from the Integration page to add and set up new integrations.

  • Policies to classify and tag assets with business context and configure actions using a Policy Builder UI.

  • Inventory layouts for managing assets and viewing Snyk coverage.

  • Dashboard to view, add, and customize widgets.

  • Prioritization of Snyk issues with application and business context in the Insights UI.

Using Snyk AppRisk Essentials and Snyk AppRisk Pro

Snyk AppRisk Pro is currently available in Closed Beta. Please contact your salesperson if you are interested in Snyk AppRisk Pro.

Access Snyk AppRisk Essentials and Snyk AppRisk Pro by following these steps:

  1. Log in to Snyk Web UI and navigate to the Group view.

  2. Ensure you are a Group Administrator for the Group associated with Snyk AppRisk, or that you have a custom role assigned with the necessary permissions.

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