Enable permissions to access GCR

Prerequisites to enabling GCR permissions

Enable the Cloud Resources Manager API for the Google account you plan on integrating with Snyk.

From the relevant project in Google, ensure you have created a service account for this Snyk integration.

Steps in enabling GCR permissions

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console Credentials page, select the Project that you want to integrate with, and then select setting up a new service account key.

  2. From the view that opens choose the service account from the dropdown list that you created for this integration and configure a new key for that account with these values:

    • Service account name - assign a unique name for the account to help you remember its uses later on.

    • Role - Storage Object Viewer (roles/storage.objectViewer)

    • Service account ID - leave empty

    • Key type - JSON

  3. Click Create to generate the key for your project.

  4. Copy the entire contents of the JSON file, which is similar to the following:

Save the data you copied to paste it when configuring integration for GCR.

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