Configuration of the Eclipse plugin

You can set the following configuration options in the Snyk preferences.

  • Snyk API Token: Set the authentication token from Snyk.

  • Path: Specify your additions to the path to find needed third-party tools such as Gradle or Maven.

  • Custom Endpoint: Specify the custom endpoint for Single Tenant setups instead of See IDE URLs.

  • Allow unknown certificate authorities: Disable certificate checks for SSL connections.

  • Snyk Open Source enabled: Enable or Disable Snyk Open Source Dependency Scans through Language Server. Default: Enabled during beta

  • Snyk Code enabled: Enable or Disable Snyk Code Scans via Language Server. Default: Disabled during beta.

  • Snyk Infrastructure-as-Code enabled : Enable or Disable Snyk IaC Scans through Language Server. Default: Enabled during beta.

  • Scan automatically on start-up and save : Scan automatically or not

  • Organization: Specify the Snyk Organization to use for scanning. Snyk recommends using the ORG_ID. If you specify an Organization slug name, the value must match the URL slug ([orgslugname]) as displayed in the URL of your Organization in the Snyk UI:[orgslugname].

  • Additional Parameters: Specify additional parameters to pass to the CLI , for example, --all-projects or --debug. For all .NET Projects, Snyk recommends adding the --all-projects additional parameter.

  • Additional Environment: Add environment variables to Language Server; multiple variable can be separated by ;. Example: JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/bin;GOPATH=/usr/local/bin

  • Update and install Snyk binaries automatically: If disabled, no updates are downloaded, and updates must be performed manually. Snyk recommends always using the most recent version of the CLI. Ensure that the location for the CLI points to an existent, current binary.

  • Base URL for CLI download: Specify an alternative download host for the CLI, for example, This must provide the CLI and necessary files as the default does, that is, the following files. See also GitHub releases.

    • %Base URL%/cli/v%VERSION%/%CLI-BINARY-NAME%

    • %Base URL%/cli/v%VERSION%/%CLI-BINARY-NAME%.sha256

    • %Base URL%/cli/v%VERSION%/sha256sums.txt.asc

    • %Base URL%/cli/v%VERSION%/release.json

    • %Base URL%/cli/latest/version

    • %Base URL%/cli/latest/%CLI-BINARY-NAME%

    • %Base URL%/cli/latest/%CLI-BINARY-NAME%.sha256

    • %Base URL%/cli/latest/ls-protocol-version-%PROTOCOL_VERSION%

    • %Base URL%/cli/latest/release.json

    • %Base URL%/cli/latest/sha256sums.txt.asc

  • Snyk CLI: Specify the location of the Snyk CLI.

  • Send error reports to Snyk: Send errors from Language Server to Snyk to enable quick bug fixing. Default: Enabled.

  • Send usage statistics to Snyk: Allow Snyk to get usage data to improve workflows. Default: Enabled.

  • Trusted Folders: specify, which directories should be considered safe, e.g. the parent directory of all your projects.

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