SCM, IDE, and CI/CD workflow and integrations

This section of the documentation provides information about Snyk SCM, IDE, and CI/CD workflow and integrations.

Snyk supports SCM, IDE, and CI/CD workflow and integration methods that allow you to implement security at each point in your workflow: importing a Project, writing your code, and building and deployment.

Enterprise plan users have access to all of the functionality. The API and Snyk AppRisk are not available to Free and Team plan users. See Plans and pricing for more information.

There are two ways of implementing SCM integrations in a Snyk environment:

  • Group level - At the Group level, you can set up the SCM integrations for Snyk AppRisk.

  • Organization level - At the Organization level, you can set up the SCM integrations for all Snyk plans. See the Manage your Integrations at the Organizational level page for more details.

Choose an Integration

If you are an Enterprise customer, see Choose rollout integrations in the Enterprise implementation guide for tips and considerations on import strategies, as well as context for which integrations suit your SDLC.

Pull Requests for Snyk integrations

Snyk can automatically create pull requests (PRs) on your behalf to upgrade your dependencies based on scan results. This is compatible with a variety of Snyk integrations. For more information, see View and understand Snyk upgrade pull requests for integrations.

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