Customize an integration

An overview of all your integrations is available on the Integrations main page.

You can enable or disable your integrations, edit them, or remove them from your configuration.

Enable or disable an integration

You can have an integration connected or paused. Click play or pause to enable or disable an integration.

Add a new profile for an integration

Each integration can be configured to run on more than one profile. This is helpful when you want to retrieve data from multiple instances within the same source.

You can add a new profile by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Integrations settings icon.

  2. Click Add profile.

  3. Fill in the configuration fields and click Done.

Remove an integration

Select an existing integration and click the Delete icon to remove it from your environment.

You cannot restore an integration that was already deleted. To add it again, you need to follow the steps from the Using the Integration Hub section.

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