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Kubernetes integration is available only for Enterprise plans.

See Pricing plans.

Set up the Kubernetes integration for your Organization

To integrate your Snyk Organization with Kubernetes:

  1. On the main page of the Snyk Web UI, navigate to Integrations.

  2. Select Container orchestrators and then select Kubernetes.

  3. Click Connect. On the page that appears, you can find the Integration ID which is created for the Kubernetes integration. The Integration ID is required during the Snyk Controller installation.

  4. Create a Group or Organization service account token. This service account token is required during the Snyk Controller installation. For more information, including the permissions required, see Prerequisites for installing the Snyk Controller.

View and manage your Organization integration settings

To view and manage the Organization integration settings:

  1. On the main page of the Snyk Web UI, navigate to Settings.

  2. On the ORGANIZATION SETTINGS page, navigate to Integrations.

  3. From the list of integrations, navigate to Kubernetes and click Edit settings. The Kubernetes settings page appears.

In this window, the following sections are available:


Connected to Kubernetes

This section appears after you have successfully connected, allowing you to add your workloads from the Dashboard, from the Projects page or to set up automatic importing from your cluster. See Automatically import and delete Kubernetes workload projects.

When the Kubernetes integration is not yet set up, this is the only section that appears in this window, together with the Connect button. See Overview of the Kubernetes integration.

Integration ID

The Integration ID is a UUID and appears in the format abcd1234-abcd-1234-abcd-1234abcd1234.

  • If you have not set up the connection yet, click Connect and use this ID to set up your configuration.

  • If you have set up configuration, this information is visible on the page.

Snyk controller versions

Displays the version of the Snyk controller you have installed on your clusters.

Disconnect from Kubernetes

Allows you to remove this integration from this Organization. To do this, click Disconnect.

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