Determine why API Import targets has failed

Determine why API import targets has failed

The Snyk API v1 endpoint Import targets can be used to import Snyk Projects. If this fails, use Get import job details to help determine why.

There are two types of failures:

  • The repository was rejected for processing, that is, HTTP status code 201 was not returned. This happens if there is an issue Snyk can see quickly for example:

    • The repository does not exist.

    • The repository is unreachable by Snyk because the token is invalid or does not have sufficient permissions; there is no default branch.

  • The repository was accepted for processing, that is, the user got back HTTP status code 201 and a url to poll, but no projects were detected or some failed. This may occur because:

    • There are no Snyk-supported manifests in this repository.

    • The repository is archived and the Snyk API calls to fetch files fail.

    • The individual project or manifest had issues during processing. In this case Snyk returns success: false with a message in the log.

The poll results return a message per manifest processed, either success: true or success: false.

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