Introduction to Snyk administration

Feature availability Some functions (such as Groups) are only available on some pricing plans.

Groups, Organizations, and Projects

Snyk has a hierarchy that allows you to control access to features such as scans:
  • Group: the highest level; for example, the entire company.
  • Organization: the second level of grouping; for example, your team.
  • Projects: the lowest level for individual Projects; for example, a container image.

Member (user) types

Snyk provides four different types of members (users):
  • Collaborator
  • Organization administrator
  • Group member
  • Group administrator
For definitions of the associated permissions per role, see Managing permissions.
Feature availability Group administrators and collaborators are available with Enterprise plans. See pricing plans for more details.
Snyk offers a wide range of tools to manage Groups, Organizations, and user

Manage users and permissions

You can manage users and permissions in your groups; See Managing users & permissions.
Manage users and permissions
Manage users and permissions

Manage Groups and Organizations

Learn how Snyk groups and organizations help keep cross-team collaboration seamless; see Managing groups & organizations.

Define notifications

You can manage email notifications, for yourself and your organization. See Managing notifications.
Manage email notifications
Manage email notifications

Manage settings

Customize your Snyk account for your needs. See Managing settings.