Introduction to Snyk administration

Feature availability Some functions, such as Groups, are available only on some pricing plans.

Accounts, Groups, Organizations, Targets, and Projects

Snyk has a hierarchy that controls access to scanning and other Snyk features.
  • Account: Users must log in to their Snyk account to scan and view or modify any settings and scan output.
  • Groups: Customers have at least one Snyk Group. The Group may correspond to the entire company. Large companies may have multiple Groups, corresponding to divisions, departments, or other parts of the company. Groups can contain multiple Organizations.
  • Organizations: Snyk Groups encompass one or more Snyk Organizations. Organizations represent specific business areas, such as teams. Organizations can contain multiple Projects.
  • Targets. Each Target represents a repository imported into Snyk for scanning and re-testing.
  • Projects: A Project is established based on the items that Snyk scans for issues, such as manifest files, and shows the results of scans. You can configure your Projects to define how to scan for issues in that Project. See the Quickstart for the basic steps.
Snyk administrators set up Groups and Organizations. See Manage Groups and Organizations for details. Targets and Projects are created when Snyk users import development Projects into Snyk for scanning.

Member (user) types

Snyk has the following types of members (users), defined by their roles:
  • Collaborator
  • Organization administrator
  • Group member
  • Group administrator
Feature availability Group administrators and Collaborators are available with Snyk Enterprise plans. See pricing plans for more details.
For details of the permissions associated with each role, see Permissions associated with each role on the Managing permissions page.

Snyk Admin tools

Snyk provides tools to manage Groups, Organizations, and user roles and permissions, as well as notifications and settings.

Manage users and permissions

You can manage users and permissions in your groups. For details, see Manage users and permissions.
Manage members interface
Manage members interface

Manage Groups and Organizations

Snyk groups and organizations help to maintain collaboration across teams. For details, see Manage Groups and Organizations.

Define notifications

You can manage email notifications for yourself and your Organization. For details, see Manage notifications.
Manage email notifications interface
Manage email notifications interface

Manage settings

You can customize your Snyk account to suit your work process. For details, see Manage settings.