Testing the application

Our project includes a sample application from another project. For this we have leveraged git submodule to keep a Git repository as a subdirectory of another Git repository. In this example, we are working with Snyk's vulnerable demo app which may be found in our repo under the ./submodules directory.
The next section of our config.yml defines a few jobs starting with test_app which will run some commands in our build environment. Here, we are importing the parameters defined earlier under defaults such as the Docker image for our build: circleci/node:9.11.2. We will also invoke git submodule and npm install the application. Lastly, because we will want this artifact downstream, we will call persist_to_workspace to reference it later on.
<<: *defaults
- checkout
- run:
name: "pull submodules"
command: |
git submodule init
git submodule update --recursive
- run:
name: "run test"
command: |
cd submodules/goof
npm install
- persist_to_workspace:
root: .
- .
You can read more about basic concepts to help you understand how CircleCI manages your CICD pipelines here. Also checkout the blog post Persisting Data in Workflows: When to Use Caching, Artifacts, and Workspaces to learn more about how to move data into and out of jobs.
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