Securing a Toolchain with Snyk and GitHub

Lab Meta

Difficulty: Intermediate
Time to Complete: 60 minutes
The lab has three parts, to be completed in sequence. Each covers a different Snyk product.
  1. 1.
    Part 1 covers fixing Open Source vulnerabilities in the Sample App.
  2. 2.
    Part 2 adds Dockerfile and Container Security Scanning to the pipeline.
  3. 3.
    Part 3 adds Deployment YAML and Infrastructure as Code Scans.


You'll also need to fork the GitHub Repo with the sample application.
GitHub - snyk-partners/gh-actions-academy: Repo for the Snyk Academy GitHub Actions Lab

Branch Structure

The Repo is structured as follows:
  • A PROD branch that represents the deploy-ready state of the code.
  • A develop branch that is the default branch we'll be working with.
  • A oss-actions branch that will be used for Part 1.
  • A container-actions branch that will be used for Part 2.
  • A iac-actions branch that will be used for Part 3.

GitHub Actions Workflows

When you fork a Repo with existing workflows, GitHub disables GitHub Actions by default. To enable GitHub Actions, click on the Actions Tab, and then "Enable my Workflows".
The .github.workflows folder contains CI workflows for the develop and PROD branches. These rebuild and test the app when code is pushed to the branch, to ensure no breaking changes are introduced. We'll add onto these files throughout the Lab to do more with GitHub Actions.
When ready, head on to Part 1 and get started!
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