Snyk for Apex is supported only for Snyk Code.

Code analysis

Interfile is currently not supported. The data flow is monitored within a single file, not between multiple files.

.trigger and .cls files are supported.

Getting started with Snyk for Apex across environments

Snyk CLI


Code analysis

To start testing your code using Snyk Code open your repository in a terminal and run the following command:

snyk code test

To customize test options, run other commands, exclude directories and files, and explore the results in different formats, see the following:

What's next?

Snyk integrations

🔗 For integrated development environments, see Use Snyk in your IDE.

🔗 If you prefer continuous integration/continuous delivery workflows, you can scan with Snyk based on the integration with your automation software (see Snyk CI/CD and Snyk API).


If you need help, contact Snyk Support.

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