Review Project Dependency Tree

Viewing the dependency tree

Snyk uses the package manager of your application to build the dependency tree and display it in the Snyk UI. The dependency tree helps visualize which component is introducing the vulnerability and helps Snyk to determine the appropriate fix advice.
In our sample application, we see how the transitive dependencies introduced a vulnerability into our application by examining the direct dependency org.springframework.boot:[email protected] The developer directly included this library into the source code via the pom.xml file and the org.springframework.boot:[email protected] library had a dependency on org.springframework.boot:[email protected] which has another dependency org.apache.tomcat.embed:[email protected]. This helps understand how the dependency was introduced to the application and also how Snyk can fix the issue.
The org.apache.tomcat.embed:[email protected] library is included multiple times due to transitive dependencies.
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