Snyk Cloud

Snyk Cloud is available for Enterprise plans.
Snyk Cloud helps users find, prioritize, and fix cloud misconfigurations by scanning the configuration of cloud infrastructure and testing it with a library of predefined security rules, generating a record of issues that can be filtered and triaged.


Unified policy engine

With Snyk’s unified policy engine, you can apply the same security rules to both infrastructure as code (IaC) files, and runtime cloud resources. In combination with the other Snyk products, this enables you to find and fix issues throughout the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Security and compliance posture for security teams

Snyk Cloud’s Web UI and API provide visibility into an Organization’s entire cloud footprint, allowing security teams to easily identify and investigate issues. Users can view all of their cloud accounts in a single, centralized interface.

Resource configuration snapshots

Snyk Cloud records the configuration attributes of every cloud resource it scans, producing an inventory of cloud infrastructure. This lets you review a resource’s configuration at a given moment in time, and see the attributes that caused a specific issue.

Powerful filters for triaging issues

You can filter issues based on parameters including severity, cloud provider account ID, and cloud resource type, allowing you to target the most mission-critical resources. You can also group issues by rule or by resource, to more easily view relevant misconfigurations.
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