Getting started with Snyk Cloud: AWS
Snyk Cloud scans the infrastructure configuration in your Amazon Web Services (AWS) provider account and detects misconfigurations that can lead to vulnerabilities.
You can can onboard an AWS account to Snyk using the following methods:

To start using Snyk Cloud, you need the following:
  • A Snyk Business or Enterprise plan
  • A new organization, with appropriate feature flags assigned by your Snyk contact
  • A Snyk Group Administrator or Organization Administrator role
  • An organization-level service account with an Org Admin role
  • Access to an AWS account and associated credentials with permissions to create a read-only IAM role
  • A supported browser:
  • Access to the Terraform CLI, AWS CLI, or AWS Management Console to create the IAM role for Snyk via Terraform or AWS CloudFormation
    • If using Terraform or the AWS CLI, ensure you configure it with your AWS credentials. See instructions for Terraform or the AWS CLI
  • An API client such as curl, HTTPie, or Postman
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