Using Snyk IaC via web

View project vulnerabilities

Use Snyk IaC with the standard Snyk web interface to find and fix issues in configuration files.
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    In your Projects area, select the project to open
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    Snyk IaC displays information and issue cards for that project:
Information available shows standard Snyk project information (see Introduction to Snyk targets and projects), including:
  • Snapshot information showing when the project was last tested.
  • Overview, History and Settings information. For example, use the History section to view previous snapshots of projects.
  • Filters on the left of the screen.

Issue card details

Each issue card shows specific details about that issue:
Card details include:
  • The severity level (for example, H for high) and the name of the issue (for example, Non-encrypted S3 Bucket).
  • The ID of the security rule (e.g. SNYK-CC-TF-4): click the link to view more information in the Snyk Security Rules.
  • A snippet of your code showing the exact area that is vulnerable.
  • The exact path of the issue.
  • More details, such as:
    • a short description of the issue
    • the impact of the issue
    • the remediation advice to resolve the issue
  • Click Ignore to ignore this vulnerability (see Ignore Issues)


  • Terraform Cloud and Helm will not show a code snippet, but just the card details. Examples:
Terraform Cloud
  • In some cases that we can not identify the exact line of the vulnerable path in the file, we will not show a code snippet, but an info message and the card details. Example:
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