Create a security policy and rules

To create a new security policy, navigate to Policies in your Group menu, expand the Security policies category, and click Add new policy (see View policies for more details).
Security policies screen
Security policies screen
Select Snyk Default Security Policy to change the conditions or actions for a security policy that applies to all projects in all Organizations in the Group.

Rules, conditions, and actions

Security policy rules follow an “if, then” framework, with one or more conditions, and an action. For example:
Security policy rules
Security policy rules
If you create a new security policy, the first blank rule is automatically created.
Select the conditions and actions to complete a rule. See Security policy conditions and Security policy actions for more details.
  • To add a new blank rule, click on + below the previous rule, as seen in the screenshot above.
  • To delete or duplicate a rule, click the on the right hand side of each rule box, as seen in the screenshot above.
The order of your rules sets the precedence; if there is a conflict, the rule closest to the top supersedes any subsequent rules.