Getting started with Snyk Container

Get started with Snyk Container to help you find and fix vulnerabilities in container images, based on scans of a container registry.
This process uses the Snyk Web UI. For details of Snyk Container using the Snyk CLI (Command-Line Interface) tool, see Snyk CLI for container security.


Ensure you have:
See the Getting started section for more details.

View vulnerabilities

You can see vulnerability results for imported projects.
Select Projects, then click on the imported project entry under its registry record, to see vulnerability information for that project.
Here you can see a summary of the severity of the detected vulnerabilities.
Click on an entry to see details of vulnerabilities found:
Example URL:

Fix and review

  1. 1.
    Fix issues found, based on Snyk recommendations
  2. 2.
    Rebuild your image
  3. 3.
    Snyk will automatically rescan your new image after it is pushed.
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