Troubleshooting PR Checks

Open source and licensing

If you come across false positive or false negative results, you can take action to diagnose and report the issue.
False positive
The result is marked as Failed by Snyk because it has identified an issue that does not actually exist.
Contact support to update the dependency version if Snyk has misidentified an issue for a package version.
If you want to push the changes forward, you can mark the result as successful (see Example: fix dependency issues with PR Checks).
False negative
The result is marked as Passed by Snyk because it failed to detect an issue that actually exists.
To address the issue, you can submit a vulnerability disclosure. If Snyk did not detect the vulnerability due to a misidentified package or the absence of code trace, you can contact support.

Code analysis

The following table lists code analysis errors and how to address them.
Failed to start code analysis
Error causes:
  • The PR Checks cannot be created in the database.
  • The commit status cannot be sent.
  • The registry service worker is unavailable to handle the PR Checks.
Wait a few minutes, then try again.
Could not complete the PR analysis
The PR Checks result has an unexpected status.
Close and re-open the pull request again in your connected Git repository (for example, GitHub).
Failed to analyze code
Error causes:
  • The analysis cannot be completed.
  • The commit status cannot be sent.
Wait a few minutes, then try again.
Upstream rate limit triggered while analyzing code
The Git server rate limit has been reached and the repository cannot be read.
Wait a few minutes, then try again.
No valid credentials to perform code analysis
The personal access token or Oauth is not recognized or the user access is not provisioned.
Revise your configuration on the Git repository side.
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