Data residency at Snyk

What is data residency?

Data residency allows you to control what region Snyk hosts a selected subset of your data in (see regional and global data).
Feature availability This feature is available with Enterprise plans. See pricing plans for more details.

How does it work?

During your system onboarding, you can work with your account team to select a hosting region.
After you select a region, that data cannot be migrated to another region. Moving to a new region requires a complete re-onboarding.

What regions are available?

Snyk offers data residency for the following regions:
USA (default)
EU (Germany, Frankfurt)

Regional and global data

Snyk leverages a number of sub-processors to provide you with a high quality service. As such, not all data types can be stored within your region of choice. Our list of sub-processors is available here.
See the How Snyk handles your data page for product-specific examples on how this data is handled.
Regionally stored data
Globally stored data
  • Snyk Open Source
  • Snyk Code
  • Snyk Container
  • Snyk Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Vulnerability data
  • Vulnerability source
  • Audit logs
  • Integration-related data
  • Customer source code
  • Billing data
  • Customer relationship management data
  • Operational logs and metrics
  • Product analytics
  • Support Tickets
  • User authentication data

EU region hosting notes

Snyk offers almost all the same features, support, and performance in the EU region as in the US region.

Features not yet available in the EU

  • Summary and Issues tabs in Reporting
  • C/C++ language support in Snyk Open Source
  • Snyk Cloud

EU Datacenter account creation

EU Datacenter Snyk accounts are only available with the purchase of an Enterprise plan.

URLs and endpoints to the EU datacenter

Login / Web UI
Note: using or will not redirect you.
Follow the docs as normal, but base URLs are
Both CLI, and CI running CLI, need to be configured to run against your instance by running:
snyk config set endpoint=
Alternatively, have an environment variable on your machine or CI tool
Jenkins additional argument
IDEs are all running CLI under the hood, so use the settings to set the endpoint accordingly. For Snyk Code, ensure the latest version of IDE plugins are in use. The following table specifies the minimum version required: VSCode - 1.2.18 Visual Studio - 1.1.21 IntelliJ - 2.4.32
Follow docs as normal BUT add an extra environment variable in the container:

How we maintain GDPR compliance

We take privacy seriously, and operate a global privacy program to meet the requirements of the GDPR, CCPA, and other applicable privacy laws. We treat all user data the same way and use industry-standard technical and organizational measures to secure the information we store. Our Privacy Program is tailored to meet both legal requirements as well as your needs.
Learn more at the Snyk Privacy Policy.