View policies

You must be a Group administrator to view, create, and modify policies for that Group.

Select the Policies menu option to see the policies in your Group, arranged by category, License policies, and Security policies.

Expand a category to see a list of the policies in that category:

This list includes the default policy, which is automatically created for new Groups for each policy category and cannot be removed.

Policy details

When you expand a category, the screen shows the policies applied to Project attributes and applied to Organizations. You can click to Learn which policies take precedence in each category. You can also search for a particular policy.

Default policies

Each policy category has a default policy. Default policies can be applied only to Organizations, not Project attributes.

When you create a new Organization, it will automatically be added to the default policy unless you have copied the settings of an existing Organization. You can assign an Organization to a different policy if desired.

The default policy cannot be deleted; however, the default policy name, description, and rules can be edited to match your preferences. A default policy can also contain no rules if you'd prefer.

See Assign a policy to an Organization for details.

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