Reporting beta

Note: This new page group will supersede Snyk reports, Reports overview, General actions, Summary tab, and Issues tab. Navigation for the Dependencies tab and Licenses tab is moving to the left navigation.
Snyk reporting is available to all customers on Enterprise plans. To get access to the Reporting Beta tab, a Snyk admin can activate the reporting in Snyk Preview. Note that Reporting Beta is not available for customers on Multi-Tenant EU or with Snyk Private Cloud.
Snyk reports provide the visibility and analytics needed to drive data-based conversations between development and security.
Security professionals can easily access, analyze, and share Snyk's security data to track developer adoption and success, identify where the greatest amount of risk lies to prioritize remediation effectively, and understand the overall risk posture across the organization's application portfolio.
Snyk Reports offer analytics across all of your projects, displaying detailed and aggregated data about projects and issues. Data displayed in each report is scoped to the Snyk Organization or Group in which you are working.
Snyk Reports are highly flexible, enabling you to display specifically selected data in the appropriate view in order to answer key security questions.
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