Maximum number of projects in an organization

Depending on the type of plan you have with Snyk you will have a limit on the number of projects you can have in a single organization.
Number of Projects

How will you know when you have reached the limit?

When you reach that limit, Snyk will stop importing more projects into the organization.
You will know you have hit this limit when you see this banner in the Snyk UI:
A banner will display at the top of the Project page telling you how many projects you have over the limit
In the CLI, your snyk monitor command will return the following error
Maximum number of projects reached for this organization. You cannot import more projects.
In the API, your import request will return this error:
"message":"This organization has 25000 of the maximum 25000 projects. You will not be able to import more projects:",
This limit is in place to protect your experience with Snyk. There are no restrictions on the number of organizations you can create. If you are getting close to these limits, you can create more organizations and split your projects across them.