Container project grouping in Project tab

Snyk allows the customer to import images using the following methods:
  1. 1.
    Snyk Container CLI
  2. 2.
    Container Registry integration
  3. 3.
    Kubernetes integration
Different methods result in different project groupings in the project tab.

CLI Monitor import

Snyk groups images and the applications found in the image. However, Snyk CLI doesn't use image tags for grouping, so Snyk will not do sub-grouping for the different image tags. Thus images from the same repo with different image tags are all grouped.

Container Registry Integration

If the customer imports images with container registry integration, then in the project tab Snyk does sub-grouping per image tag for each image name.

Kubernetes Integration

If the source is Kubernetes integration, the top clickable item is the workload in the cluster, and the grouping is based on the image in the workload without sub-grouping per image tag.
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