Configure the ACR integration

It is recommended that you assign a service principal to your registry. Please review the Authenticate with an Azure container registry documentation for further information on this topic.
To simplify this process, you will find a sample bash script in the scripts/ directory of your cloned repo. From the terminal, let's make sure we are at the root of our cloned repository by typing pwd and verifying the result displays $HOME/snyk-azure-resources/.
Then, let's change directory by typing the following command:
cd scripts/
From here, a simple ls -a command will show the contents and you will see the script in that directory. You can open this in your favorite editor like Microsoft Visual Studio Code and review the contents.
These will look like this:
# Modify for your environment.
# ACR_NAME: The name of your Azure Container Registry
# SERVICE_PRINCIPAL_NAME: Must be unique within your AD tenant
# Obtain the full registry ID for subsequent command args
ACR_REGISTRY_ID=$(az acr show --name $ACR_NAME --query id --output tsv)
# Create the service principal with rights scoped to the registry.
# Default permissions are for docker pull access. Modify the '--role'
# argument value as desired:
# acrpull: pull only
# acrpush: push and pull
# owner: push, pull, and assign roles
SP_PASSWD=$(az ad sp create-for-rbac --name http://$SERVICE_PRINCIPAL_NAME --scopes $ACR_REGISTRY_ID --role acrpull --query password --output tsv)
SP_APP_ID=$(az ad sp show --id http://$SERVICE_PRINCIPAL_NAME --query appId --output tsv)
# Output the service principal's credentials; use these in your services and
# applications to authenticate to the container registry.
echo "Service principal ID: $SP_APP_ID"
echo "Service principal password: $SP_PASSWD"
To run the script simply invoke it from the present working directory and pass the ACR name, mysnykcontainerregistry as a parameter as follows:
./ mysnykcontainerregistry
Upon successful completion, you will see results similar to the following:
Creating a role assignment under the scope of "/subscriptions/<guid>/resourceGroups/mySnykACRResourceGroup/providers/Microsoft.ContainerRegistry/registries/mySnykContainerRegistry"
Retrying role assignment creation: 1/36
Service principal ID: <guid>
Service principal password: <guid>
Take note of the values for Service principal ID and Service principal password. You will need these to configure the integration in the following steps so DO NOT close or clear your terminal window.

From the Snyk web console, navigate to Integrations. Search and select ACR. Click the tile.
Follow the steps outlined in the following diagram and provide the Service principal ID Service principal password and loginServer value for your ACR instance:
Remember to save your settings!
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