Clicking on any of the manifests will expand the results and provide additional information on what was found.
Here we see a list of all vulnerabilities ranked with Snyk's Priority Score. Our Priority Score algorithm processes a range of data points (factors) to generate a score between 0 and 1000. We started with 0-100, quickly realizing that companies aren’t just prioritizing within a project, they’re prioritizing over all their projects. Granularity is key to avoiding the problem faced when using only severity or even CVSS—everything being a top priority! We’ve calculated the weighting of the various factors to ensure that scores have an even spread whilst ensuring that those that pose the greatest risk end up with the highest score.
From this view, you are also presented with contextual information about your vulnerability as well as a link that, when clicked, will take you to Snyk and provide you with fix advice.
From the Snyk Web UI, you can review recommendations for fixing your vulnerabilities and click the Fix these vulnerabilities button to automatically create a pull request against your repository.
Similarly, for any Dockerfile in your repository, you will obtain insights into how you can mitigate potential security issues with base image recommendations and the ability to Open a fix PR.
To learn more about Snyk's integration with Bitbucket Cloud be sure to read our documentation page.
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