Introducing Snyk
Snyk tests for vulnerabilities in your own code, open source dependencies, Container images, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) configurations, and offers context, prioritization, and fixes.

Snyk products

  • Snyk Open Source: Find and fix open source vulnerabilities. Snyk Open Source also includes Snyk license compliance to help manage your open source license usage.
  • Snyk Code: Find and fix vulnerabilities in your application code in real-time during the development process.
  • Snyk Container: Find and fix vulnerabilities in container images and Kubernetes applications.
  • Snyk Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Find and fix insecure configurations in Terraform and Kubernetes code.

Supported environments

Environments you can use to access your selected Snyk product include:
  • Snyk Web UI: the core web-based UI (, allowing you a browser-based experience, along with functions such as reports and setup.
  • Snyk CLI: the Command Line Interface, allowing you to run scans on your local machine and integrate Snyk into your pipeline.
  • Snyk IDEs: use IDE integrations to embed Snyk in your development environment.
  • Snyk API: allows you to programmatically integrate with Snyk, tuning Snyk’s security automation to your specific workflows.

Supported languages

Snyk supports a range of languages, such as JavaScript, Java, .NET, and many others.
Languages / OSs supported depend on the relevant Snyk product:

Supported integrations

Taking a developer-first approach to security, Snyk integrates with leading IDE, repository, CI/CD, runtime, registry, and issue management tools.
Snyk integrations for your software development process include: