Snyk Connector

About this guide.

This guide is intended to share information on building a Snyk connector.

Who should read this guide?

Anyone interested in understanding why they should build a Snyk connector, the different integration models, and the data available from Snyk.

Why should I build a Snyk connector?

Snyk maintains important information about your application's vulnerabilities. Customers and partners want to gain access to this information to combine the data with other data sets to provide a holistic view of their vulnerabilities. They might also want to display and analyze the vulnerabilities with internal processes and custom tools. We've outlined a few of the common use cases for creating a Snyk Connector.

Example use cases:

    Vulnerability Management and Aggregation - This use case collects vulnerabilities across the entire infrastructure stack, including application vulnerabilities, to aggregate and prioritize. Snyk's data represents the application vulnerabilities which can be combined with the infrastructure stack vulnerabilities.
    SIEM integrations - This use case integrates application vulnerabilities to display into SIEM monitoring and alerting solutions.
    Dashboards and data visualizers - This use case extracts issues and vulnerabilities to display on custom dashboards or into data visualization tools.
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