Set up an integration

Recap You have created a Snyk account, you now need to tell Snyk where to scan.
You must give Snyk access to your environment, to allow Snyk to scan that environment. Access is provided by Snyk integrations.

Integration types

The type of integration you need depends on what systems you use, and what you want to scan.

Example: set up a source control integration

To scan open source libraries (using Snyk Open Source) or your application code (using Snyk Code) from a Git-based source code repository, you will need to connect using a Git repository integration. Snyk has pre-built integrations for GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Cloud and other repositories.
First, log in to the Snyk Web UI (, and select Integrations > Source control.
If an integration is already configured for your Organization, it is marked as Configured.
Next, click the source control system (for example, GitHub) to integrate with Snyk.
Finally, to grant Snyk access permissions to the integrated source control system, enter your account credentials and save your details when prompted.

Example: set up a container integration

To scan your container images, choose a container registry integration, to connect the registry with Snyk.
First, log in to the Snyk Web UI (, and select Integrations > Container registries
Next, click the registry you want to integrate with Snyk, and enter details as prompted.
Finally, save the changes, to integrate this entry with Snyk.

What's next?

You can now import a Snyk Project, to tell Snyk what to scan for issues.