Issue card information
Issue cards appear in the details page for your project - see View project information.
Issue cards show details for a specific vulnerability or license issue, and actions you can take with it.
Header section information:
  • Severity level: for example, H (High) or C (Critical)
  • Issue name: for example, Expression Language Injection
  • Score: Priority score: 0 - 1,000
  • Links to CWE (Common Weakness Evaluation), CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System), and Snyk Intel Vulnerability DB information for that issue
Body section information:
  • Introduced through: The path the vulnerability or license was introduced through
  • Fixed in: The file the vulnerability is fixed in
  • Exploit maturity: for example, Proof Of Concept.
  • Reachability: for example, Reachable.
  • Social Trends: Snyk shows a Trending banner on issues that are being actively discussed on Twitter.
When you expand the issue card for more information, you can see additional information.
This information includes:
  • Detailed path information
  • Fix advice
  • Overview of the vulnerability
  • Any vulnerable functions within the vulnerability
You can apply multiple filters to a project to show a set of issues:
  • If they are a vulnerability or a license issue
  • With a specific severity
  • Within a range of the priority score
  • Based on whether it has an exploit, and how mature the exploit is
  • That are open or have been patched or ignored
The issue cards in a project can be sorted based on their priority score or severity.

You can perform the following actions on the issue card:
  • Ignore the issue: if you don't need to take action on an issue, or it doesn't need to appear on your reports, you can ignore it.
  • Create a Jira ticket: if you have the Jira integration, you can link your issue boards to Snyk and create Jira tickets directly from the project details page to fix vulnerabilities.
  • Fix the vulnerability: if a fix is available, you can fix individual vulnerabilities.
  • View more information about the CWE, CVE, and CVSS scores: navigate from the issue card to further information about these scores.
  • View the Snyk vulnerability database: navigate to the Snyk vulnerability database about a specific vulnerability from its issue card.
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