How to select the organization to use in the CLI
When you run commands with the CLI such as snyk monitor and snyk test, Snyk uses your default organization, which was created when you first registered for an account. If you want commands to run against a different organization, you can specify that organization either globally or individually.
Note: The Snyk CLI help specifies using --org=<ORG_ID>; this article specifies using the orgslugname. The ORG_ID works in both the CLI and the API. The organization slug name works in the CLI, but not in the API.

Run snyk config set org=orgslugname. Note: orgslugname must match the slug name as displayed in the URL of your org in the Snyk UI:[orgslugname].

To override this global configuration for individual runs, specify the org as follows:
snyk monitor --org=orgslugname or snyk test --org=orgslugname.
Example: $ snyk test --org=my-team
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Specify an organization globally
Specify an organization individually