View Project information

You can view Project information on your Projects pages. For example, to view your Open Source vulnerabilities and licensing issues, navigate to your Projects listing, and open a Target to see the list of Projects:

Filtering existing Projects

The Projects page on the Web UI includes a filter pane that allows you to filter your Snyk Projects according to different criteria, and provides you with information about the number of existing Snyk Projects that match each criterion:

By default, only active Projects with discovered issues are displayed on the Projects page.

You can choose the following filter criteria on the filter pane:

  • SHOW:

    • With issues and Without issues - Projects with or without issues that were discovered by Snyk.

    • Active and Inactive - Projects that are either in an Active or Inactive status in Snyk. Inactive Projects are Projects that were deactivated on the Web UI.

  • INTEGRATIONS: the integrated Git repositories imported to Snyk.

Detailed information for a Project

Click on a Project entry to view detailed information for that Project:

The following information is available:

Project summary information

The summary information shows:

  • File and history details:

    • The name (plus link) of the monitored repository

    • The monitored branch name

    • A direct link to the Project file in the SCM

    • The time when the Project was first imported to Snyk

    • The time when an up-to-date snapshot of the file was fetched from the SCM and tested

  • Project import information:

    • Imported by: The user who imported the project.

    • Project owner: Click Add a project owner to add an owner for this Project from a list of everyone who has access to the Project, that is, everyone who is a member of the Organization. This information can also be viewed through the List all Projects endpoint in the Snyk API.

  • Predefined Project attributes and any additional Project tag metadata.

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